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Ozone's Board of Officers
and other Committees

Wes & Connie Koon
Wes and Connie Koon - Presidents 2023_1.jpg
 Marc & JoAnn Redford
Marc and Joann Redford.jpg
Angie & Bob Hatfield
2nd VP
Hatfield's Bob & Angie.jpg
Tom Dunn
1st VP
Tom Dunn - 1st VP 2023_1.jpg
Rose Westphal
1st VP
Mary & Mike Landry
Greg and Tara Huguet.jpg

                       Other Committee Chairpersons


Rose Westphal - Dance Classes - 985-640-8307


Mary Landry - Social Media & Public Relations - 985-630-6240

Jessica Guidry - Social Media & Public Relations - 985-974-8261


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